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Alien Franchise: Ranked

Here I go, talking about some films with Aliens in them for Highsnobiety.

Back in the ’70s, the film world was turned on its head when out of nowhere, a space epic stunned audiences worldwide – with mind-blowing special effects and a meticulously planned mythology that would endure for decades, it spawned sequel after sequel, a cult following, respect from filmmakers and tons of merchandise. Then after a few decades of silence, the promise of more films sparked a new wave of fandom. That’s right – Star Wars.

But also, the Alien franchise is a thing that exists and is totally worth your time. It’s a landmark franchise that delights in giving different directors a chance to add their mark on an icon (for better or worse). Here’s the entire scope of the horror/sci-fi behemoth franchise ranked from worst to best.


Luke Bather