Tanzaro House

Tanzaro House (2017)

Tanzaro House is a 33 minute live performance film featuring the band Pijn. It was filmed over two days at the beginning of 2017.

"Early this year, before we had even released any music to the public, we gathered together to rehearse and prepare our live set. Due to the awkward and shifting nature of the band, we know that not everyone will see PIJN play the same way twice. We thought it would be nice to capture us as we were in that moment, in that configuration - a few cold days holed up in the studio, playing our songs over and over and over. This is us as we were on January 2/3, 2017. Captured and committed to tape and filmed by a close friend. We hope you enjoy." - Pijn

Directed, Photographed, Edited by Luke Bather

Sound Recording & Mixing - Joe Clayton, No Studio
Audio Mastering – Brad Boatright, Audiosiege