Liima - Roger Waters

Liima - Roger Waters

Official Selection: Berlin Music Video Awards - The Silver Screenings

You know that feeling when you switch on the TV late at
night and catch the last few minutes of a film and you think,
“wow, that was awful and made absolutely no sense!”
but you still wanna watch the whole thing? Yeah, that.

Director - Plastic Zoo (Luke Bather & Nicholas Wo
Producers - Rob Jelley & Rik Green
Executive Producer - Sarah Boardman
Production Company - Pulse Films

Director of Photography - Stefan Yap
Focus Puller - Joel Honeywell

Prosthetics - Isadora Darke
Hair & Make-Up - Isadora Darke

Editor - Jack Abbott
Editing Company - Pulse Films
Colourist - Lewis Crossfield @ Electric Theatre Collective

Cast - Craig Sinclair, Umer Farooq, Santiago Acevedo, Archie Harlow, and Harrison Keating