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Recent work


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Anime for Beginners: 20 Pieces of Essential Viewing

Let’s face it, Hollywood is no stranger to remakes. Especially when it comes to making English language versions of brilliant moments in Asian cinema. Sometimes, the Hollywood treatment does a good job – like when Scorsese turned Hong Kong crime thriller Infernal Affairs into his Oscar-winning The Departed. Then, there are the times it doesn’t go so well – like Spike Lee’s completely unnecessary remake of Park Chan-wook’s South Korean revenge masterpiece Oldboy (although watching Josh Brolin chew the scenery for 104 minutes is not without its charm).


Everything You Need to Know About Cult Film ‘The Room’ & Disaster Artist Tommy Wiseau

A few weeks ago, certain corners of the internet were set alight with strange, cultish buzz, all because of a picture of James Franco. Instead of causing an international incident by baiting a North Korean dictator, this time he was channeling an entirely different breed of infamy: this was the first picture of Franco as Tommy Wiseau on set for his new film The Disaster Artist. Not quite a face to launch a thousand ships, but certainly a face to launch a thousand plastic spoons at (if you know, you know. If you don’t, read on).



The video for 'Liima - Roger Waters' that I directed (with Nick Wood, as Plastic Zoo) has been selected for Berlin MVA's Silver Screenings, which is fine by me. Maybe see y'all in Berlin.