Distress/Loss (2018)

Distress/Loss is a 65 minute film intended to deconstruct the concept of the music video. Intentionally long, slow, and meandering - the film explores subtle narratives of Loss through quiet moments of natural beauty and louder moments of manmade disruption.

The soundtrack is comprised of destroyed and alternative mixes of the songs from Pijn’s album Loss as well as the full version of the track Distress buried somewhere in there.

The film was streamed live in various places online on a continuous loop for 3 days before being erased from the internet. Facebook shut it down after about 5 hours.

Below are 3 short clips from the final piece.

Directed & Edited by Luke Bather
Photographed by Nicholas Watmough and Luke Bather
Soundtrack by Pijn
Alternative Mixes by
Joe Clayton, No Studio