Luke Bather is a Director, Editor and Writer. He mostly makes music videos, sometimes he takes photographs.

He lives in Manchester, is left handed and you pronounce his surname “Bay-thur” as in someone who bathes. Which, ironically, Luke does not.

He’s had his music videos and short films screened at a few festivals, been nominated for some awards and recently won £5 on a scratchcard.

He used to be a staff writer for PromoNews and he’s also had bylines at Mental Floss and Highsnobiety. One time he somehow ended up as a guest on a Canadian Radio show to talk about Tommy Wiseau. It was uncomfortable to listen to. Another time he chaired a music video panel at BFI Southbank. It was uncomfortable to watch.

You can email him at luke [at] lukebather.com

This is his Twitter.
This is his